My blog will be my journal, a reflective tool in my programming adventures. As I learn, I will write about what I am learning. Writing will solidify my understanding of programming. I chose jekyll because it's static, works real good with GitHub Pages easy to set up and get running locally with Ubuntu, Ruby & apps ubuntu terminator I am using GitHub to host with a blacknight cname GitHub code for


  • HTML
  • Ruby
  • JS
  • SASS


  • ruby 2.3.1
  • gem 2.5.1
  • jekyll 3.4.3
  • Disqus

Running the site locally

  1. Install Ruby
  2. Install Jekyll
  3. Ubuntu install Git
  4. GitHub Pages site locally jekyll or Git clone blog.theWhiteFox repo
  5. Change directory cd the folder where your Jekyll website is stored
  6. jekyll serve --watch Jekyll explains more build options
  7. View your website at
  8. Commit the changes and push everything to the master branch of your GitHub user website. GitHub Pages will then rebuild and serve the website