I love to cook (especially sauces) and eat delicious food. I love to read and learn new recipes. Algorithms for me are like recipes in programming. As my cooking skills have improved by learning recipes, I hope my programming skills will improve by learning algorithms. I chose JS as the language to learn these algorithms / recipes because it’s the language of the web and a language I want to master.

I also want to improve my problem solving / JS writing skills, these are some JS algorithms that I will understand not just do.

I am using GitHub Pages, gists theWhiteFox and repl.it to write, debug, display and output the code.


  • Fibonacci
    1. a geat way to learn recursion
  • FizzBuzz
    1. an interesting way to test my programming skills
  • Dijkstra
    1. impove my understanding of networking with JS

thewhitefox JS Algorithms

Why are algorithms so important

stackoverflow fibonacci recursive

How to Implement Dijkstras

wikipedia Edsger W. Dijkstra